Jerusalem Opera


Jerusalem Opera

The Jerusalem Opera (R.A.) was established in November 2011 in order to enrich the cultural landscape of Israel's capital and afford lovers of music in Jerusalem the opportunity to enjoy opera of high quality.

It was inaugurated on March 18, 2012 with a gala concert, co-sponsored by The Jerusalem Foundation and the Gerard Behar Center, and attended by representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Jerusalem. 

The concert played to a standing-room only audience, whose enthusiastic response reflected the city's thirst for an opera company of its own that will feature outstanding artists. 

The Jerusalem Opera believes that Jerusalem, a cultural and spiritual hub for centuries, will find the power to once again become a centre for creativity on a global scale, combining cultural strengths, polarities, expressions and heritage, opposing facets that enhance one another. 

Activities and Upcoming Events

The first season includes three performances of “Masters and Servants” (a Fantasy based on operas by Mozart) in December, within the cultural events of “Hamshushalayim” and, as its first full opera production, "Don Giovanni" by Mozart in October 2013, an outdoor performance in the courtyard of the historic David’s Citadel. In its second season, the Jerusalem Opera performed “The Marriage of Figaro” in cooperation with the Ashdod Symphony, in both Ashdod and Jerusalem. In the 2015 – 16 season, the Jerusalem Opera will perform “Madame Butterfly” in Ashdod and Jerusalem as well as other smaller-scale productions. All performances so far have been well received by audiences and critics alike. The Jerusalem Opera is recognized professionally by the Ministry of Culture and is supported by the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jerusalem Municipality, as well private donors.

The Jerusalem Opera producing fully-staged opera  "The Magic Flute" on Dec 2017, as well as a number of smaller opera productions in Jerusalem and in the Israeli periphery.

Activity Outline

Acknowledging that Jerusalem boasts a rich cultural life yet deserves an opera house of its own, the Jerusalem Opera intends to present three full-scale opera productions per season.  In addition, it will offer concerts mixing operatic repertoire and Jewish music. With community music outreach and audience development among its most important goals, it will give preference to singers and artists who live or work in Jerusalem.  

Organizational Infrastructure

The Jerusalem Opera is now a reality but is still in the early stages of its establishment. Fulfilling its vision will require working together with the Ministry of Culture and Sport – Culture Authority and other supporters to build an artistic, administrative and marketing infrastructure.  The Amuta is in good standing from 2014 and is expecting to receive status as a non-profit organization according to Israeli tax law.


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