Ermena Quartet


Ermena Quartet

The vocal quartet “Ermena” combines in itself the harmony of the voices of Sorina Bogomilova, Ralitsa Atanasova, Tanya Nedeva and Milena Stavreva, soloists of the National Folklore Ensemble of Bulgaria “Philip Koutev”.

With the Choir of the Ensemble, in which they sing together for more than15 years, they spread the beauty of the Bulgarian folk songs from Japan, through Russia and Israel, all over Europe and to the United States.They participate in various radio and television broadcasts, teach in master classes for studying Bulgarian folk songs in Bulgaria and abroad, and also in various projects with symphonic orchestras, pop and jazz formations. Some of the most exciting experiences are related to the performance of the Oratorio for the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust “Melancholic Beauty” by the  composer Georgi Andreev, whose premiere was on June 21,2011,at the “Kennedy Center”,Washington, USA with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of the United States.

The “Ermena” quartet was formed in December 2017, in response to an invitation by Mrs. Hamutal Zimra from Israel, for the performance of her quartet and guitar compositions of traditional “Ladino” songs. In January 2018,the quartet, along with the bagpiper Kostadin Atanasov–also soloist of the National Ensemble “Philip Koutev” ,had 10-day tour in Israel. Together with the compositions of Mrs. Zimra, the quartet performed traditional Bulgarian songs, participated in FM88 radio broadcasting with Moshe Morad as a host and taught master classes for studying Bulgarian folk songs and music. The repertoire of quartet “ERMENA” includes songs from the classics of Bulgarian choral art such as Philip Koutev, contemporary composers such as Georgi Andreev , and also orthodox chants.


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