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Jerusalem Ballet

In 2008, the Jerusalem Ballet Company was founded by Nadia Timofeyeva and CEO Marina Ne'eman. Many of the company's dancers are graduates of the Jerusalem Ballet School. The company is recognized as a professional body and is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Culture Department of the Jerusalem Municipality. In its ten years of existence, the Jerusalem Ballet has performed a variety of shows in varied and rich programs. The Jerusalem Ballet premieres were performed at various festivals and at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv. Among these performances were the works of young Israeli artists in the field of contemporary ballet.

The company's performances have received wide national acclaim and complimentary reviews in print and online media such as Haaretz, Habamah, The Jerusalem Post, Vesti and more. In recent years, several young and talented dancers, graduates of the Nina Timofeyeva Jerusalem Ballet School, were incorporated into the Jerusalem Ballet. They soon went on to win national and international competitions. In June 2017, the Jerusalem Ballet participated in the International Festival in Russia Named after Ekaterina Maximova, the legendary 20th century ballerina.

The Jerusalem Ballet received enthusiastic acclaim from visitors and professionals and won the hearts of the audience. In the same year, the Jerusalem Ballet hosted a gala evening with the participation of world ballet stars in memory of Nina Timofeyeva. Nina was the founder of the Jerusalem Ballet School and served as a prima ballerina in the Bolshoi Ballet Theater. In the same year, the company also successfully performed the new show "The Taming the Shrew," based on Shakespeare's comedy in the same year, the company also successfully performed the new show "The Taming the Shrew," based on Shakespeare's comedy. Jerusalem Ballet company Nadia Timofeyeva and Marina Ne'eman, the founders of the Jerusalem Ballet Company, would like to thank Dr. Michael Tassis, the current Chairman of the association (amuta), and Tamar Ben-Shitrit, Chairperson of the association (amuta) in 2008 when the Jerusalem Ballet was founded. Their ongoing support has been essential to the development, growth, promotion and survival of the Jerusalem Ballet. Marking our 10th anniversary, we would like to thank all the Israeli and foreign artists who contributed to the creation of new works that helped propel the exposure and success of the Jerusalem Ballet. Many thanks to our dancers - the veteran dancers and the dancers of the younger generation. Their professionalism, hard work and devotion over the past decade have made them full partners in the success of the Jerusalem Ballet.

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